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Episode 285: Kidnapping, Sexism, and Nick Pitarra

This week Adam and Shawn open the show with a discussion about Tony Harris’ cosplay rant from a few weeks back as well as looking into sexism in geek/comics culture, but that is just the beginning because the big bang for your buck is the amazing Nick Pitarra interview from his Richard’s Comics and Collectables signing.

Runtime 53 minutes 55 seconds

Episode 285: Kidnapping, Sexism, and Nick Pitarra


Discussion: Valiant Entertainment 1012

This week Adam delves into the world of Valiant Entertainment with editor Jody LeHeup and Danny Kilpatrick.  What more can we say?  We talk Valiant.  Who knew that would ever happen?  Well, it did.  And it was awesome.  Like, “where did these guys come from, awesome?”  Like, “maybe this is what I’ve been missing in my life, awesome.”

Runtime 58 minutes 9 seconds

Discussion: Valiant Entertainment 1012


Discussion: SPX 2012 Warm-Up

Due to a lack of Wide Awake Press representation at SPX, Shawn will be attending as Brad McGinty.Wow.  Can you believe SPX is only a few days away?  Yay.  Adam and Shawn discuss the their constant waking dream known as preparing for SPX 2012.  Also, a special guest who had, until today, never read a minicomic.  What will she say?

Runtime 1 hour 6 minutes 23 seconds

Discussion: SPX 2012 Warm-Up


Discussion: On Trends and the Top 5 Logos

This week the Dollar Bin present a collection of discussions with a collection of participants covering comic trends Rappin’ with Richard, the Dollar Bin Definitive Top Five logos in comics, and the DC logo redesign, no relation.  Join Adam, Brian, Heather, Richard, Shacka, Shawn and Tee for a very bountiful adventure.

Runtime 51 minutes 39 seconds

Discussion: On Trends and Top 5 Logos


Interview: Astro City - Kurt Busiek

About a decade ago (maybe it was less than that) the Dollar Bin’s Joel, Tee, and Adam spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson to discuss their (along with Alex Ross) masterpiece in motion, Astro City.  We offer to you here the first part featuring writer Kurt Busiek.

Runtime 1 hour 02 minutes 48 seconds

Interview: Astro City - Kurt Busiek


Discussion: With a Casual Comic Reader

Ever wonder how a casual comic book reader feels about all those comic shop arguments that just burn your bacon? Well, Tee’s friend Casual Comic Reader Tony was kind enough to sit down with us to share his opinions on those contested questions that fanboys always come to greasey feather fisted blows over.  Does anyone even read these?

Runtime 56 minutes 56 seconds

Discussion: With a Casual Comic Reader