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Episode 317: Interview with Andrew MacLean

Art by Andrew MacleanThis week on the Dollar Bin, Adam and Terence are lucky enough to Skype down with Andrew Maclean to help promote the Kickstarter for his project Head Lopper 2:  The Wolves of Barra and to learn a little more about Andrew, himself, as well as his other work.  To kick things off though, they talk a little about Cola-Con coming up this weekend.

Runtime 46 minutes 08 seconds

Episode 317: Interview with Andrew MacLean


Episode 313: Prepping for SPX 2013

This week we listen in as Adam talks SPX strategy with Tee.  We are through Baltimore and gearing up for SPX, so this is a quick one.  We’ll be back next week (hopefully with interviews) to wrap up our trip to the back to back Maryland shows, so keep a look out for that.

Runtime 21 minutes 12 seconds

Episode 313: Prepping for SPX


Episode 312: A Weekend of Cheap Comics

This weekend Adam and Shawn and a couple other Dollar Binners did one of the things they do best.  They dug through cheap comics! A jam packed series of events included Greenville Comics and Sports Cards show and the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find Labor Day Weekend Warehouse Blowout Sale.

Runtime 1 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds

Episode 312: A Weekend of Cheap Comics


Episode 308: Monstercon 2013

This past weekend Shawn and Adam attended Monstercon, a 3 day convention, right in their own back yard (almost literally). Featured in this weeks coverage are Kells, Megan Wilson, Richard Morgan, and J Chris Campbell’s mom. We also discuss Nerdicon, Cannon Canvas Comics, and The Big Scary Show.

Runtime 1 hour 19 minutes 5 seconds



Episode 308: Monster Con 2013


Episode 305: Comics and Everything Part Two - Growth

Ashley HoltThis week in the Dollar Bin I present to you a show like you’ve never heard before.  A show of descent and intrigue, faith, hope, and disapointment.  However, most setting it apart from any other show before it is Ashley Holt.  Funny thing, this is part two.  Keep and eye out for part one next week.

Runtime 1 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds

Episode 305: Comics and Everything Part Two - Growth


Episode 296: Pop Culture and Wrestlemania Predictions

Hey guys, its Adam.  I haven’t posted a show in a few weeks.  Brian and Shaka came over to watch Wrestlemania and we recorded, so here is a raw/uncut discussion on random pop culture stuff and our predictions for Wrestlemania.

Runtime 1 hour 40 minutes 29 seconds


Episode 296: Pop Culture and Wrestlemania Pridictions