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Episode 317: Interview with Andrew MacLean

Art by Andrew MacleanThis week on the Dollar Bin, Adam and Terence are lucky enough to Skype down with Andrew Maclean to help promote the Kickstarter for his project Head Lopper 2:  The Wolves of Barra and to learn a little more about Andrew, himself, as well as his other work.  To kick things off though, they talk a little about Cola-Con coming up this weekend.

Runtime 46 minutes 08 seconds

Episode 317: Interview with Andrew MacLean


Episode 316: Sanford Greene's Deadlines and Other Stuff

This week on the Dollar Bin Adam interviews Sanford Greene about his active Kickstarter project, Deadlines Volume 4.  They discuss the origin of Deadlines as well as his method and aspirations from Volume 4.  Later in the episode Adam and Shawn talk with Ted and Joel about lazy, fancy covers and the world of digital comics interaction.

Runtime 29 minutes 45 seconds

Episode 315: Sanford Green's Deadlines and Other Stuff


Episode 293: Interview with Ryan Browne

Cover by Ryan BrowneThis week Adam was lucky enough to get an interview with Ryan Browne to discuss his Kickstarter for his epic creation, God Hates Astronauts.  Ryan is also artist on Smoke and Mirrors (IDW), will be doing a few issues of The Manhattan Projects (Image) and will soon be taking over art on Bedlam (Image).

Runtime 24 minutes 14 seconds

Episode 293: Interview with Ryan Browne


News: Help Bradd Parton's Alpha-Sketch Ts Exists

Help the Dollar Bin’s good friend and occasional contributor and creator of the Alpha-Sketch bring his Kickstarter to success


News: Jason Horn has a new Kickstarter!

Our good friend Jason Horn has a Kickstarter that we would love to see reach its goal.  Go ahead and give the video a shot so you can feel the same way.

Kathryn the Crononaut by Jason Horn

For her science fair experiment, a sixth grader named Kathryn announces she will dedicate her life toward creating time travel.