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Episode 293: Interview with Ryan Browne

Cover by Ryan BrowneThis week Adam was lucky enough to get an interview with Ryan Browne to discuss his Kickstarter for his epic creation, God Hates Astronauts.  Ryan is also artist on Smoke and Mirrors (IDW), will be doing a few issues of The Manhattan Projects (Image) and will soon be taking over art on Bedlam (Image).

Runtime 24 minutes 14 seconds

Episode 293: Interview with Ryan Browne


Episode 285: Kidnapping, Sexism, and Nick Pitarra

This week Adam and Shawn open the show with a discussion about Tony Harris’ cosplay rant from a few weeks back as well as looking into sexism in geek/comics culture, but that is just the beginning because the big bang for your buck is the amazing Nick Pitarra interview from his Richard’s Comics and Collectables signing.

Runtime 53 minutes 55 seconds

Episode 285: Kidnapping, Sexism, and Nick Pitarra


HeroesCon 2012: The Interviews

While Adam, Devin, Shawn, and Ted were up in the panel rooms managing the sound for 73 panels Brian was holding down the fort at home base as well as hitting the isles hard with true journalism.  Listen here as he grills Jackie Lewis and Yale Stewart.

Runtime 19 minutes 49 seconds

HeroesCon 2012: The Interviews


Discussion: X-O Manowar with Robert Venditti

This week the Dollar Bin has a special treat for you.  We would call it an interview with X-O Manowar writer Robert Venditti, however it’s so much more than just that.  Yes, we bring you a great interview, but we start you off with an intense Valiant/X-O discussion with DB contributor and huge Valiant fan, Danny (Cinlach).

Runtime 58 minutes 14 seconds

Discussion: X-O Manowar with Robert Venditti


Interview: Ted Naifeh

After way too many delays (all Adam’s fault) the Dollar Bin is proud to bring to you our interview with Ted Naifeh, creator of Courtney Crumrin, as well as other great books.

Runtime 1 hours 19 minutes 54 seconds

Interview: Ted Naifeh


Interview: Steve Niles Discusses the Stop Online Piracy Act

Pretty soon the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)is going to be voted on.  Adam didn’t really see what the big deal was.  Don’t we all want to stop online piracy?  Well, after looking a little more into it he realized that stopping piracy may not be what this Bill is about.  To discuss the contents of the Bill a little further Adam brings in Steve Niles, proponent of the Creator Owned “movement” and 30 Days of Night.

Runtime 22 minutes 58 seconds

Interview: Steve Niles Discusses the Stop Online Piracy Act