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Episode 289: Dollar Bin Awards 2012 Ballot

Art Stolen From Chris SchweizerJoin Adam and Shawn as they discuss the nominees for the 2012 Dollar Bin Awards.  Afterward we get to know Dollar Bin contributor Brian a little better by discussing with him his favorite character.

Runtime 44 minutes 30 seconds

Episode 289: Dollar Bin Awards 2012 Ballot


Episode 286: It's a Geek Knock Life

This week on the Dollar Bin Adam, Brian, and Danny talk geek.  What does that mean?  Well, that’s exactly what we plan to find out.  Join us as we discuss the term geek and its connotations.  Who the biggest geek of all?  You will just have to listen and find out.  Hint:  It’s you.

Runtime 38 minutes 12 seconds

Episode 286: It's a Geek Knock Life


Episode 285: Kidnapping, Sexism, and Nick Pitarra

This week Adam and Shawn open the show with a discussion about Tony Harris’ cosplay rant from a few weeks back as well as looking into sexism in geek/comics culture, but that is just the beginning because the big bang for your buck is the amazing Nick Pitarra interview from his Richard’s Comics and Collectables signing.

Runtime 53 minutes 55 seconds

Episode 285: Kidnapping, Sexism, and Nick Pitarra


Discussion: The Gang Tries to Talk Superior Spidey

This week we offer a media barrage of Skype, phone, and in studio as Ted, Devin and Adam get together over America’s digital infrastructure to bring you a discussion on the topic of Superior Spider-Man.  Expect many other topics and very little actual information, but quite a few laughs.

Runtime 54 minutes 11 seconds

Discussion: The Gang Tries to Talk Superior Spidey


Discussion: Valiant Entertainment 1012

This week Adam delves into the world of Valiant Entertainment with editor Jody LeHeup and Danny Kilpatrick.  What more can we say?  We talk Valiant.  Who knew that would ever happen?  Well, it did.  And it was awesome.  Like, “where did these guys come from, awesome?”  Like, “maybe this is what I’ve been missing in my life, awesome.”

Runtime 58 minutes 9 seconds

Discussion: Valiant Entertainment 1012


Discussion: Cola-Con 2012 and Villains

This past weekend the Columbia Museum of Art was home to Cola-Con 2012. Cola-Con is a fusion of art, music and culture (specifically comics and Hip-Hop). Adam and Shawn are joined by Danny, who some of you may know as Cinlach.  Together they discuss Adam and Shawn’s adventures of Cola-Con 2012.  Then, it being October and all, the topic changes to that of Villains. We all pick our favorite villains and try to determine what the differences between an Anti-Hero and an Anti-Villain may be. Join us next week when we talk about Valiant Entertainment with Danny and have a special interview with Jody LeHeup!

Runtime 41 minutes 43 seconds

Discussion: Cola-Con 2012 and Villains 2 Pack

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