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Episode 304: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 3 and 4

This week on the Dollar Bin we tackle the Rounds of 16 and 8 of the Comics Book Elimination Challange.  We also get to know a little more about contributor, Ted, and recap up-to-date bracket results with Shawn.  If you missed last weeks show because I posted it late, be sure to go back and get it.

Runtime 30 minutes 32 seconds

Episode 304: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 3 and 4


Episode 303: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 2

Image by Sanford GreeneIt’s that waaaay past time again to work our way through the Dollar Bin Comics Elimination Challange.  This week you will hear us narrow down the list to 16.  Who will make the cut?  How should I know.  We recorded this 3 months ago.  Also, special guest Sanford Greene helps us kick things off, so we can help promote his upcoming Kickstarter project.

Runtime 40 minutes 18 seconds

Episode 303: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 2


Episode 302: Pre HeroesCon 2013 Post Show

Art by Ted NaifehHeroesCon 2013 has come and gone.  We were so excited we forgot to post our preshow, so to make up for that here is a pre and post show.  I hope you weren’t depending on us to make your plans.  There is always next year.

Runtime 1 hour 18 minutes 43 seconds

Episode 302: Pre HeroesCon 2013 Post Show


Episode 301: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 1

Image by Robert UllmanWell, it’s that time of year again… a few months ago.  It’s that time again for the Dollar Bin crew to put their vote where there mouth is and work together to decide the greatest comic series of our time.  Or, at least what’s cool.  This is Round One of comics elimination.  Anything that’s gets past us here is a least worth checking out.

Runtime 51 minutes 49 seconds

Episode 301: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 1


Episode 298: Dollar Bin Awards Best of 2012

This year the Dollar Bin Awards was quite a roller coaster ride.  We closed the polls earlier than ever and then couldn’t get together to present the dang things.  Well, here it is, your 2012 best of comics according to you, the Dollar Bin listeners.

Runtime 1 hour 29 minutes 54 seconds


Writer of the Year:  Scott Snyder
Artist of the Year:  Greg Capullo
Laura Martin Colorist of the Year:  *Rico Renzi (People’s Choice Francesco Francavilla)
Cover Artist of the Year:  Paolo Rivera
Issue of the Year:  Love and Rockets New Stories #5
Best New Series:  Saga
Series of the Year:  Saga
Graphic Novel of the Year:  Crogan’s Loyalty
Best Web Comic of the Year:  Battle Zoo
Best Minicomic of the Year:  The Time I Was Treed by Cows (Shawn Daughhetee)
Publisher of the Year:  Image
Comic Book Related Media of the Year:  Avengers
Best Moment of the Year in a Comic Book:  I’m sure there is something that I can’t think of
Moment of the Year Related to the Comic Industry:  Disney Buys Star Wars
Most Under Appreciated Book/Series of the Year:  Mind MGMT
Most Suprisingly Enjoyable Book of the Year:  All-New X-Men
Most Confusing Book of the Year:  Action Comics
Most Anticipated Book of 2013:  Locke & Key’s Conclusion
Dollar Bin Interview/Guest of the Year:  Danny Kilpatrick (Talking About Valiant)

Episode 298: Dollar Bin Awards Best of 2012


Discussion: HeroesCon 2012 Wrap-Up

Image by Robbi RodriguezIts finally here folks, the HereosCon 2012 wrap-up show.  Join Adam, Brian, Shawn, Ted, and Tee as they discuss their latest trip to HeroesCon.  If we say anything snarky that offends you or completely forgot you then I apologize.  6 hours of sleep over 4 days will do that.  In short, we had fun.

Runtime 1 hour 57 minutes 12 seconds

Discussion: HeroesCon 2012 Wrap-Up